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  1. Thor Frohn-Nielsen says:

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada: Can you please troll me about this 1954 Faro Basso, and the price. Cheers, Thor

    1. Piero Teruel says:

      Thanks for the interest.
      This Faro Basso is impeccable; mechanical, electrical and body.
      It is located in Switzerland and is fully documented/registered in Italy (It’s a real Italian).
      At the moment it is reserved, if something changes I will let you know

  2. Marco Taddeo says:

    I’m Marco from Bergamo, Italy.
    Your bike is still on sale? The price?
    I’m very interested.


    1. Piero Teruel says:

      Sorry for the late reply. The Vespa is still for sale. For 6000 CHF it can be yours.
      It has Italian papers.
      Again, sorry for the delay in my response.

  3. Kim says:

    I like the silver lambretta,is she for sale?
    Cheers kim

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